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Cj en Heidi se troue – Bergvallei wedding estate

Heidi and Cj at Bergvallei wedding estate. Another December wedding I am only getting to share just now. This was one of the most relaxed couples we ever worked with. Two very special people! When I think about this couple it is difficult to describe them, does the word laid back fit them, is it...

Des and Vedana’s Hindu wedding

its February and finally things are slowing down at the studio and i can catch up on some posts…..Des and Vedana got married in December at the Sorex Wedding Estate in Centurion(yes i know, should have blogged along time ago) This was our first Hindu wedding, and we both found it so interesting. Save

Calem’s cake smash – Pretoria Photographer

Calem’s cake smash, When you think about a cake smash or just the mere word smashing a cake it can bring some innovative ideas to mind. But when you turn only just one year old it could mean something very different. Cake smash is very much one of the things to do these days when...

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