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When you sit down with a couple to discuss their wedding day and how they vision it panning out one can quickly see the level of nervousness but with these two special people all they portrayed was calmness, they were so relaxed, you could see they had it all under control and nothing was going to spoil their wedding.

But let us get to their wedding day.  Gys and the guys got dressed off site and with brother leading the pack they had a very good time sharing some old memories and doing just guy stuff. We were lucky to get some portraits done before a light stint of rain – just enough to wet the grass.

Miche and the girls got dressed at the very neat Morgenzon wedding venue in the North of Pretoria. This venue offers you the best of two worlds, from the front you have the old Cape style built house with roses and lavender to guide you, at the back of the venue the big lawn is covered in shade with very old and big trees. This gives you the feel of a forest almost, indeed a gem in the North.

As wedding planning progresses you sometimes make up words or phrases and that seems to follow you throughout, in this case an old Afrikaans saying ” gooi mielies ” meaning to throw maize is one of those that seem to have made its way into this wedding. The saying sprung up even when deciding on the confetti and that is how the ” mielies ” got in there, popped corn.

As with every wedding there is something extraordinary happening sometime during the day and yes we were very fortunate to be there when this one took place, as most of their friends know Miche LOVES to sing, anywhere AND everywhere and she had done just that as she dedicated a real love song to Gys. I must say compliments to you Miche it was brilliant and everyone loved it.

So on that cheerful note we want to wish you guys all the very best for you journey. 


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