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Brandon and Elaine @ Avianto

I’ve got another beautiful wedding to share with you guys today! The happy couple consists of Brandon and Elaine, two people that anyone would love to know.

Their wedding day was truly special you could see that both of them were counting every minute until they would unite and promise everlasting love to one another

The bride’s dress was seriously gorgeous too. And I’m not just saying that! Elaine acquired her dress from Olivelli and it suited her just perfect.

We had a lot of fun capturing the last special moments leading to the ceremony. They did  not see each other until Elaine was walking down the aisle. The emotion I captured in Brandon’s eyes was truly priceless, as he could not believe it is finally happening and soon the woman of his dreams will be his wife, it is these emotion filled moments the glimpse of complete happiness that will leave a memory for many years to come visible in a picture.

What have been one of the highlights of the day is something that does not occur often, the ceremony was conducted by Brandon’s father, and it was an emotionally filled event both for dad and the couple. Tears of joy is certainly one of the best expressions one can ask for. They are all truly blessed.

The wedding and the reception was at one of Gauteng’s most loved wedding venues, Avianto and was catered by Avianto as well. This was our first Sunday wedding at Avianto and the Buffet was one of the best we had there, The perfect Sunday lunch. All the guests and family have also commended the venue for the service excellence.

Okay, let’s get to the pictures! Brandon and Elaine were such a delight to work with and we wish them many wonderful years to come


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