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When Ntsako walked in the studio, I though she was a friend accompanying a friend, for a maternity shoot, I did not even realised that she was pregnant. Her bump is so so so tiny.

First thing she said to me is :”we love photos”  and they do, even baby bump got a bit exited during the shoot. Ntsako opted to come early in her pregnancy, and there for was not so uncomfortable. I will be seeing her soon, once baby arrived, for their newborn shoot. Super exited, if baby is anything like these three it will be a super easy newborn photo-shoot.

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Madelein en Abrie se troue by Die Boskapel – Wedding Photographer Die Boskapel

Meet Madelein and Abrie,
This is the happy couple who’s engagement session as you will recall had only smiles and laughter from start to finish and from then on the happiness and smiles have only grown bigger.
Abrie is one of those guys who really cares for his friends and cherish their friendship, we had a good time getting dressed and sharing a couple of last minute socials before the day started getting more serious. As a special friendship gesture they had these gorgeous personalised glasses made in small gift boxes and that has just set the tone for the day.
The guys and I had shot some great portraits in the woods and close to the venue up to just as the first guests had arrived and Abrie had to take care of the welcoming.
Madelein the girls and Jenna had in the mean time made full use of the fresh air and light breeze while capturing gorgeous portraits inside and out in the garden. This was only the start of the fun, it always make for a grand entrance when the bridal car is an antique, but squeezing 4 girls and a driver into a relative small vehicle with no aircon and traveling around 20 Km is just awesome.
Madelein and Abrie had chosen an open air ceremony at one of the very few real forest destinations in Die Boskapel, this great venue is enroute from Pretoria to Delmas. It is a real forest with huge trees and offers an open air or a closed venue for the ceremony. The forest with the trees and little paths leading you right into the heart of the forest is a great backdrop for some intimate shots, there is then also the option of the orchards and the grass plane with awesome sunsets.
As with any wedding the one thing that kept everyone busy was the photo booth, young and old had lots of fun and as the evening progressed they all returned with more courage and made the stage their own.
And now with all the funnies behind us we want to wish you well on your venture as a married unity.
Jenna and George

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Cole Nemeth Lifestyle Blogger - These are such beautiful wedding photos! I love her wedding dress, as well! And those dressup photos are great!

Jessica@HappilyHughes - This is such a beautiful story and a gorgeous wedding! Your photos are amazing and will be forever cherished by the bride and groom and their families.

Adriana Lopez - You really do a wonderful job capturing the essence of the wedding on this job. Beautiful bride and all the colors and textures.

Jessica Bradshaw - Stunning. What a beautiful wedding! I love that location.

Fashion Panache by Bhushavali - Wow! This is so beautiful! Reminds me of my wedding and pre-wedding shoot!!!
A forest destination as wedding location? Wow! That’s awesome!!! The bride is indeed glowing!

Jill Conyers - Beautiful photos. I love how well the little detail are captured.

Glenda - Wow, the pictures are all so amazing! I love how perfect you captured every detail.

Olivia Stacey - These photos are gorgeous! I love how you captured their personalities. You are so skilled and artistic : )

Catvills - Beautiful is not even enough to describe your photography. Indeed, a woman is at her prettiest on her wedding day and you were able to capture those moments! If I know of anyone who’d get married, I’d love to recommend you!

Carol Cassara - I enjoyed looking at the pictures. It’s such a lovely wedding and the decor is just really beautiful as well. I’m sure everyone had an amazing time!

Holly - These are beautiful!!!! I love the bouquet! It’s so unique.

corinne & kirsty - these pictures are beautiful. You really captured their joy and all the happiness of the moment. Weddings are always so great! I really like her dress!

Alexis - Wow these photos are stunning! I can’t get over how unique that bouquet is!

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Aviana’s second shoot – Pretoria baby photographer

Aviana is a beautiful little girl with a gorgeous smile, but she doesn’t like taking photos all that much 🙂  I did her big brother Dante’s first year shoot, and he was an absolute bliss he never complained, but this little girl, if she say no, it is no 🙂  I still managed to get some awesome photos of her. Looking forward to seeing her now in August for her third shoot….

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