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Brandon and Elaine @ Avianto

I’ve got another beautiful wedding to share with you guys today! The happy couple consists of Brandon and Elaine, two people that anyone would love to know. Their wedding day was truly special you could see that both of them were counting every minute until they would unite and promise everlasting love to one another […]

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Janine en Aubrey – Grace Falls Wedding Photography

I would like to introduce two of our very special personal friends they are Janine and Aubrey. We have known them for quite some time, well Janine longer than Aubrey though but indeed two very delightful and cheerful people. We were in the fortunate position of sharing and capturing their very special day with all […]

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Madelein en Abrie se troue by Die Boskapel – Wedding Photographer Die Boskapel

Meet Madelein and Abrie, This is the happy couple who’s engagement session as you will recall had only smiles and laughter from start to finish and from then on the happiness and smiles have only grown bigger. Abrie is one of those guys who really cares for his friends and cherish their friendship, we had […]

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Mount Aqua Wedding – Kahn en Famke se trou dag

Daar is iets baie spesiaal om in die ope lug te trou, die vars geur van skoon lug die ligte bries wat die blare laat ritsel die skoonheid wat wag en sommer alles. Dit alles is soveel meer spesiaal wanneer dit in die bosveld is. Mount Aqua is n familie plaas met n spog fasiliteit […]

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