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Oresiametse’s – Pretoria newborn baby photographer

Just posting a quick few of a recent newborn baby photo shoot, but still have soooo many I would love to share. Loved that mommy asked for something different than pink, this coral stole my heart Love every single image from this photo shoot. Lerato travels all they way from Jhb to do her photo...

Carmi’s newborn photo shoot

Newborn This little angel visit, only being a couple of days new, she had an amazing photo shoot. She slept through all, not one sound form her. Here is a couple of her first photos.

Pretoria newborn baby photographer : Nhlelo

Pretoria newborn baby photographer Oh my word, babies like Nhlelo just makes my day or my week or actually my month.  Brand new, so sleepy, flexible, handsome, full of cuddles, no complaints, just about everything I could hope for from a  client.  One of my passions is definitely newborn photography. I will never get tired...

Newborn photo shoot for the Fraser twins

newborn photo shoot- Fraser twins Oh my word, these two was sooooo good to me 🙂  usually, twin newborn photography is a little bit harder. For one, there is two of them, you have to get them together but mom also wants some individuals.  Usually when the one is sleeping the other wants to feed...

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