Pink, mint and gold cake smash

Oh how cute is this little peanut, with just so much attitude.  I loved having her in the studio, she was so relaxed and very friendly.

Not shy with sharing her smiles at all,  and I was very appreciative.

Mom asked for a gold, pink and mint cake smash session for Zoey-Jayn,

This was such a cute and awesome session, here is just a few of her photo shoot.

[pp_gallery id=”32057″ style-id=”df6d57d3-295d-48ca-9f10-bf3e04108b7b”]as usual at the end of a very successful cake smash we end our session with a warm bubble bath.  Not only is it fun for the kids, but its a easy way in getting them cleaned up. Zoey-Jayn LOVED her bubble bath. She had so much fun, and her laughter filled the studio.

[pp_gallery id=”32061″ style-id=”df6d57d3-295d-48ca-9f10-bf3e04108b7b”]Here is a couple of their family photo shoot, this is the first part of the session:

[pp_gallery id=”32070″ style-id=”df6d57d3-295d-48ca-9f10-bf3e04108b7b”] 



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