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Van Zyl en Hanneke – Botanical Gardens Wedding Photographer

This is Van Zyl en Hanneke , they are one of those one in a million type matches where just by looking at them you can see that absolutely nothing else around them could ever bother them, as long as things happen fast. This couple loves life! They only have eyes for each other with...

Jinne and Johan – Engagement photo session

We met up with Jinne and Johan a couple of weeks ago to do their engagement session. These two are super shy, so the e-session was the perfect medicine to warm them up for their wedding photos. They are getting married at GreenLeaves at the Hartbeespoortdam in December and we are looking forward meeting up...

Yolani & Nicolaas Engagement Session at the Pretoria Botanical Gardens

This is Yolani and Nicolaas. Even though they have so much going on in their lives, They are buying house, Yolani is writing exams and they are arranging a wedding, these two still had time to meet for their Engagement session at the Pretoria Botanical Gardens. I love to meet with clients prior to their...

Debre and Zaan | Engagement Photography

Debre and Zaan will be getting married in about 2 weeks at Green Leaves at Hartbeespoort dam. Debre and Zaan was very brave as Debre was sick, and I mean really sick, and Zaan had a very very late night.  So meeting us bright and early Sunday morning was not top of their priority list....

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