Pink and silver smash cake session for Tshimologo’s first birthday

Sharing the photos of a recent pink and silver smash cake session

When mommy phoned me to book Tshimologo’s pink and silver smash cake session, I was a little worried.

Okay I lie, I was very worried.

Why? well, Mom said that Tshimologo is a real introvert and really don’t like strangers.

Now if you have children you know that babies go through a phase where they only want to be with mom, they don’t want dad and them

surely don’t want to go to strangers, or have them near them.

That phase usually runs over the 10 months to 18 month age range. So taking that into consideration and that she doesn’t like strangers to start with

I was expecting a really difficult cake smash photo shoot. With loads of tears.

But to my surprise was in such a good mood and we got some great smash and splash photos.

Mommy picked a pink and silver smash cake session, and I think these came out great. Especially for “not so friendly baby”.


ea cake smash is loads of fun, I love it when a baby taste sugar for the first time and realising it is sweet, very sweet. Some love the sugar, some hate it, and some needs a day or three to decide how they feel about the whole cake smash situation.

Babies – especially first-born babies do not eat a lot of cake and icing, so you don’t have to be scared that they will get a huge sugar rush. They literally just play with the cake and one or two bites of the sugar.  Every now and then we get a second born that is already use to sugar, and they just go for it, it is usually them you seen on pinterest.

whether they just want to touche the cake, Smash it, or have it all, we will work with your baby and get the best images possible.

Give us a call and we will discous your shoot, or have a look at our cake smash photo shoot prices