What to wear



What should I /we wear to the studio?

Wear your favourite clothes, something you look good in. Solid colours work better than busy patterns and stripes.  Bring some clothing changes along for different looks. Blue jeans and chino’s work well for photos, and especially for group photos!

Avoid shorts.

( My favorite look – all dressed in blue jeans and white t-shirts)

Clothing for group portraits must be carefully selected to blend the bodies together. For group portraits, avoid clashing colours between group members. If everyone is wearing dark shirts, don’t have one person wearing a bright colour, unless you want them to be the centre of attention. Ladies, you can knock 5-20kg off your camera weight by avoiding baby-doll tops which flare out below the bustline, and sleeveless tops. If you want to make your arms look slimmer, wear long sleeves in darker shades.

I will be happy to go over clothing choices with you during the portrait consultation.

Here are some final tips for your studio session: * Simplicity is the key to a successful portrait. * Long sleeve dresses and shirts are recommended. * Coordinate your outfit from head to toe. * Darker clothes minimize body size. * Keep the tonal range of clothing in the same group, don’t mix lights & darks in the same outfit. * To assure a successful portrait, it is best to bring along several additional clothing choices and let the photographer help you choose. * You should wear your hair in your regular style. Guys should NOT have a fresh haircut. If you need a trim, have it done about a week before. * Get a good night’s rest, relax and be ready for a great portrait session!

What to bring: If your child/ren have a favourite toy/s, bring it with.  Anything that can add to the photos. If dad’s a rugby fan, bring his rugby shirt. Anything in or around your house that will add tot the images

Timing: Plan your shoot time around your child/ren’s best time of day. Make sure they are well rested but don’t stress about it too much (we all know your best laid plans can go out the window with children). If it all goes pear shaped at the shoot and we’re not happy with the results, we’re happy to reschedule. Ensure that your child/ren are not hungry or thirsty. Take water and hats to the location shoot. Plan a special treat for after the shoot- some call it incentive others bribery. Clothes Pick some simple, classic clothes that will let your child stand out rather than the clothes. Plain, solid colours work best (avoid logos’ character figures, anything that will date and check for stains and fit). Keep in mind co-ordinating clothes if you have more than one child. Jeans and white shirts can look good. Bring a couple of changes and we can advise you on the day and you may get to use a few looks.

If you have a favourite outfit bring it-they are your memories we are perserving. Apply sun block well in advance to ensure it is absorbed and your child doesn’t look greasy. Have your children’s hair the way you like it best but keep in mind for the location shoots pinning the hair off the face on a windy day maybe preferable for little girls. Don’t forget yourself- get involved and have some yourself with your children- they will love them. So make sure you’re happy with your own clothes and make up. Keep it simple is better). Give yourself plenty of time to get there. Don’t stress. Enjoy the experience and have fun (it will show in the images).

also: The session is over. When will I see my images? Usually within 2 weeks of your session, we will schedule an ordering session. This session is where you can select from the original images for prints and reproductions. I do not release originals before full payment is received for your session.