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Famke en Kahn – engagement photography

Couple photos of the amazing and talented Famke and her soon to be (also amazing) husband.  They will be getting married at the stunning wedding venue – Mount Aqua just outside Naboomspruit. Here is a few of their shoot…

Adriana Lopez - How cute is this I never had an engagement photography session must be fun and then more to share with those you love

jill conyers - I was going to pick a favorite but I love them all. Maybe the face to face sunshine photo. It’s lovely.

Kim - Such beautiful photography! I just loved the last photo with the scrabble pieces!!

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Janine en Aubrey – Grace Falls Wedding Photography

I would like to introduce two of our very special personal friends they are Janine and Aubrey. We have known them for quite some time, well Janine longer than Aubrey though but indeed two very delightful and cheerful people.

We were in the fortunate position of sharing and capturing their very special day with all those moments, smiles and of course those interesting friends and ever present loving family members.

Let us start with Janine, if ever you take the dictionary and look-up the meaning of positive, happy and cheerful you will see a photo of her. She is one of those special women that is just always smiling and when are within her space that becomes contagious. She is also very dedicated with gets just what she wants no matter how hard she has to work, indeed a rare quality. As the priest has said ” rare gem ” and for those that were there – yes this is where we share the laughs !!!

Janine looked absolutely gorgeous in her dress and blew them all away, especially Aubrey who behind the huge smile, had some tears hidden. This is why we love to share other love stories come true, true love is one of the beauties of nature.

Aubrey is a bright young man, always willing to assist and help where he can and the best part of this, he does it with just as much enthusiasm and a big smile on his face as his bride Janine.

As was dedicated to him on their toast was the fact that father in law and Aubrey had spent quite some together recently and shared a lot of laughs but always getting back to business and that is doing it with happiness.

Whenever these two are together they light up a room and it is easy to see how two people should complement each other.

A very special moment in the day’s proceedings was the prayer and message Janine had pre-recorded and played just before walking down the aisle, this brought tears to not just Aubrey but almost everyone attending and this is one of the reasons Aubrey could not pack up his smile, his love for Janine was proclaimed many times during the speeches and you had to be deaf not hear him speak with love and respect about his bride and wife.

This love story had its take off right here in Pretoria at Grace Falls wedding venue, a neat compact venue that offers a little bushveld and the calmness with a flowing river right on the doorstep.

We want to wish you well on your journey.

En mag daai windpomp net liefde oor julle huweliks pad waai



Cassie - Wow what an absolute beautiful wedding with such attention to detail!!! I love the little wooden decals on the napkins and Janine looks gorgeous and radiant. Your photos are amazing!

Adriana Lopez - Beautiful wedding and details. Very nice compilation of the special day. The bride looks amazing. The color palette is also super nice and classy.

jill conyers - I love how well the photos capture small unique details. Beautiful photos.

Debbie Savage - The photos are so beautiful! The details are incredible! I am truly captivated by this. Beautiful bride!
xo Debbie

Sherisse - Wow, these images are amazing! I love how you captured every moment of this couple’s wedding.

Charlsye - Wow! What a beautiful wedding! You did a great job at capturing their special day.

Katrina - Big congrats to Janine and Aubrey! You did such a phenomenal job. Those sunset photos are magnificent.

kristal - I love all the little details. That what really makes me interested in a photo. Well done.

kristal - I love all the little details. That what really makes me interested in a photo.These are all so pretty.

Debby - What a beautiful couple. These pictures capture so many feelings and will be treasured forever. I love the bodice details on the dress. Such a stunning event.

Chichi Uguru - I love ‘ love stories’ I am already in love with this couple. These pictures did capture the moments of this beautiful couple.

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When Ntsako walked in the studio, I though she was a friend accompanying a friend, for a maternity shoot, I did not even realised that she was pregnant. Her bump is so so so tiny.

First thing she said to me is :”we love photos”  and they do, even baby bump got a bit exited during the shoot. Ntsako opted to come early in her pregnancy, and there for was not so uncomfortable. I will be seeing her soon, once baby arrived, for their newborn shoot. Super exited, if baby is anything like these three it will be a super easy newborn photo-shoot.

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