Cake Smash Photo Shoot in Pretoria

Baby’s First Birthday Cake Smash Photo shoot!

As parents, we understand the significance of a child’s first birthday, and what better way to celebrate than by freezing those precious moments in time? Join us on a journey through the enchanting world of Cake Smash photography, exploring what it is. When to schedule a cake smash photo session. What to expect, popular themes, and how to choose the perfect theme, and when to book your magical session with Jenna D Photography.

What is a Cake Smash photoshoot?

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A Cake Smash is not just a photoshoot; it’s a celebration of your little one’s first year of life. The concept involves presenting your child with a beautifully decorated cake. Letting them explore, play, and, of course, smash it to their heart’s content. It’s a delightful and messy experience that captures the innocence and joy of childhood, in a series of candid and heartwarming photographs.

When Do You Do a Cake Smash?

The ideal time for a Cake Smash photo shoot is typically around your child’s first birthday. At this age, children are curious. Almost always full of wonder. And not yet self-conscious, creating the perfect conditions for authentic and adorable expressions during the session. However, Jenna D Photography understands the uniqueness of each child, and some parents may opt for a Cake Smash around their child’s 18-month mark.

What to Expect at Your Cake Smash:

Choosing Jenna D Photography for your Cake Smash session in Waverley, Pretoria, promises a personalized and immersive experience. Picture a setting adorned with colorful decorations, establishing a festive and celebratory ambiance. 

As the session unfolds, Jenna skillfully captures every messy, delightful moment. From the first tentative touch of the cake to the gleeful smearing of frosting across tiny faces and hands. The result is a series of images that not only tell a story but also freeze-frame the innocence. The absolute wonder, and pure delight of this special stage in your child’s life.

A cake smash is fun for everyone and a creative way to capture a special moment in your child’s lifetime for posterity.

But how do you prepare for your 1st birthday cake smash photo session? And what should you expect?

I’m going to answer those questions and more!

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What happens during a cake smash photo shoot?

On the day  of your appointment, we start out with some family photos prior to the cake smashing. Photographs are taken during this time is an easy way to get baby familiar with the studio environment. From there, we introduce the cake—and this is where the magic happens.

Your baby is allowed to make a mess with their birthday cake, hence the “smashing.” Once they have had their fun, we end the session with a relaxing bubble bath that is also captured on camera.

A cake smash session usually takes an hour to complete.

When should I schedule my cake smash photo shoot in Pretoria?

Due to the popularity of these photo shoots, it is recommended that you schedule as much in advance as possible to ensure the best time slot for you. Many clients like booking prior to the first birthday party so they can make cards or invitations to the actual party.

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What information do you need during booking?

Your name, child’s name, who is accompanying you for the shoot, contact information, and if your baby has any food allergies (for the cake) is the only information I need. Also, if you need anything supplied, please let me know at this time.


What should I bring for cake smash photography?

Though there is a number of supplies at the studio for setting, as well as some clothes and, if necessary, a pre-prepared cake, you may want to bring your own cake, photo shoot clothing, and a change of clothes for you and your baby (because things are going to get messy).

Do I need to supply the cake?

Depending on the cake smash photography session that you choose, you may need to bring your own cake.  But we have found through the years what works best.  We supply a vanilla cake, with white icing, and we will incorporate your theme or colour choice in the decor of the cake.  Also if baby has allergies we prefer that you supply your own cake.  However, I can also supply the cake. I have an awesome baker doing amazing 1st birthday smash cakes for our studio. Contact the studio for more details.

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What should my child wear?

For the family photos you need to bring your own outfit, for mom, dad, baby and siblings. Something comfortable.  While I have clothing for the babies, including a tutu and crown or jeans and suspenders, you can bring your own costume for the photo session.

Casual or cute, it’s up to you. Just remember that this clothing is going to be covered in icing. So don’t bring anything that will stain or get ruined easily. But don’t fear if you haven’t purchased a cake smash outfit yet, we have outfits for you to use during your photo shoot.

What happens after the cake smash photo shoot?

Once the cake smash photo shoot is completed, I get to work with narrowing down the photographs, I send you a electronic link with photos so that you can pick your own prints, and then edit, print and package everything according to the collection set you ordered.

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This is also when you pick your theme or colour scheme for the cake smash photo shoot.

minions smash, unicorn cake smash, trolls smash, floral cake smash, snoopy smash, mickey and/or minnie mouse cake smash, nautical cake smash, royal cake smash, cocomelon cake smash, wild one cake smash, safari smash. camping smash, super hero cake smash, monster cake smash, under the sea , mermaid smash, Onester monster smash, one the farm smash, woodland cake smash, Boss Baby cake smash, vintage with teddy bears and suitcases, Baby Shark , Winnie the pooh smash, Tropical , Cookie monster cake smash, Blue cake smash, Barbie cake princess or prince cake smash, pink and white smash for girls, blue and gold smash for a boy, peach and white smash for a girl, pastel colour smash,

or you can opt for something very simple all white with just a large balloon and the cake – I love these

your cake smash theme options are endless

 smash the cake photo shoot

Your baby not turning one?

Have children older than 1 years old? We also do cake smash photography for 2nd birthday, 16th birthday, and 21st birthday!

If you’re looking for cake smash photography in Pretoria, then contact us today! You can use the contact form below or email us at for more information.

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