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Why choose Jenna D for your newborn’s photos?

I am a mother of two and have been a newborn photographer for almost eleven years.  I have photographed both my own children, so I know both sides, being the client and photographing for a client’s expectations. I have photographed closed to 2000 newborn babies in my career.  From as new as 3 days and up two nine weeks. I have more patience than you could ever imagine, and not only do I love working with babies, I love being able to give parents keepsakes.

Your newborn baby is changing


Everyone will tell you “they grow up so quick” and “they change so much”.  Having a newborn is a life-changing experience, and most moms just try to survive the first couple of nights, honestly, you really dont notice the change right under your eyes.  Being a mom to two I know how quick it goes by, and I know that life happens… Yes, I also had the visions of photographing my child at once a day or at least once a week, but before you notice it, two weeks have gone past and you have no photos, nothing of that little tiny eyelashes, or the cute pout, which they do not have forever.


When is the best time for newborn photography

Newborns need to be between 3 and 10 days new, this may seem soon too many. Especially dads but that are the best timeframe to get the best possible images, this is the stage where the baby is still super sleepy and squishy, and don’t mind being naked.  Also, the amount of change between day 3 and day 20 is unbelievable. I personally enjoy having them in at around day 6 and 7.

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I do photograph older newborns, and usually with great success.

Just keep in mind, the older they are the less they will sleep, and therefore you might get more open-eyed photos then sleepy baby photos.

How does a newborn photoshoot work?

I usually start with the family photos first. So everyone should arrive together. If we don’t need to feed we would start with the photos.  Once I am done with the family photos, you could arrange for someone to pick up the siblings. Or bring a fav toy or gadget to keep them occupied.  Once I am done with the baby and parent photos, I start with the baby alone. (my favourite part of the newborn shoot)

Who is included in a newborn shoot?

Daddy and siblings are included in all shoots.

Individual pictures, mom-and-baby combo, daddy-and-baby combo and family pictures will all be included.    Extended family or friends can join also but I do charge R100 per extra person.

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How long does a newborn photo shoot take?

At least two hours, but could be up to three hours.  Please arrange your day in such a way so that we are not rushed for time.  Also even though being a mommy myself I get that travelling with a new baby is a challenge, I do urge you to make your travel arrangement in such a way that you can arrive on time for the photoshoot.

What if my baby has a rash etc?

Small blemishes can be fixed in post-production. As long as your baby is not very sick or feverish, there is no need to postpone your session.

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What to wear for newborn photography

Something without too many distracting details. Plain shirts or dresses work best.  We will send you a “what to wear” template when you make the booking.  I like to keep it simple, plain white, black or cream, works great and lets the baby be the hero in all the photos.  I do only photograph upper bodies, so mommies don’t worry about high heels etc. Also, bring something with for after the family photos. the studio is very warm and cosy for baby, so you can get into something more comfortable and cooler (in the summer).

I have a dedicated newborn photo studio that is just for my newborn babies.

I look forward to welcoming you to my Pretoria studio, in the heart of the Moot.


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