3 Reasons to do a Boudoir Photography Photo Shoot

Many women play with the idea in their heads for a while. To do a boudoir photoshoot or not? But I can honestly say that there’s no reason not to book and do a boudoir photography photo shoot for yourself or even as a wedding gift. Boudoir photo shoots are more than just a professional photographer snapping pictures of you in your lingerie—it’s female empowerment at its finest.

Wedding and maternity boudoir photography has little to do with gifting the album to your significant other. Every photograph reveals your femininity, beauty, and natural glow. You get a chance to truly celebrate your body in the most tasteful and elegant way possible, so even if you plan on sharing these moments with the man in your life, the photos are really there to immortalize a moment where you felt sexy, confident, and proud to be who you are.

But if you need more reasons to book a boudoir photography photo shoot session, here are a few:

  1. You’ll feel empowered

Society is constantly trying to tell ladies what size they should be, what clothes they should wear, and how they should appear. Boudoir turns those beliefs upside down by letting you be who you are. You can dress as you please, wearing as little as you want or covering up. You can even choose your own preferred style of lingerie. Once you receive the edited photographs, you will be astounded by how much confidence is radiating from the images. And you will see just how beautiful you are—inside and out.

  1. You give a gift that keeps giving

Not only is a boudoir photo session a gift on the day of, but these gorgeous photographs are also the perfect gift for your partner. Is Valentine’s Day coming up? Do you want to get him excited for the honeymoon by gifting your husband-to-be with a wedding boudoir photography album? Want to cherish your feminine form with a maternity boudoir photography session? Want to use the images as an upcoming anniversary present to show that you’re still a goddess after all these years?

Regardless of the reason, a boudoir photo shoot is a chance to give that special man in your life something incredibly sexy and real—and they can return to this moment whenever they want just by looking through the photographers again and again.

  1. You’ll have fun

Every boudoir photographer in Pretoria works a little differently. At my studio, I personally like to spend time getting to know you and helping you get comfortable so we have had an amazing photo session. At the beginning of the session, you get properly pampered with professional hair and makeup styling. During the shoot, you have time to play around with props and change your outfits as you see fit. I make sure to take the images from tasteful angles, so you are always captured in the best light. I promise plenty of conversation and laughter!

What makes boudoir photography such a fantastic experience is that anyone can do it.  Jenna D, your Pretoria boudoir photographer doesn’t care if you have an extra jiggle or a few laughter lines, because if you want, all that can be edited away. Your imperfections, your age, and that negative voice in your head all go out the door when you are working it in front of the camera.

Do something special for yourself and for your love, book a session with a Jenna D your Pretoria boudoir photographer today.

This is the perfect gift for yourself.  Capturing the real you, but it is also a great honeymoon gift or ideal for an anniversary.

Boudoir Photography Photo Shoot

R7 000 per person

Make-up and hair styling are included.

Photo Session 2 hours  – Various outfit changes

20x20cm Coffee Table Album (upgrade to an A4 album for R1 800)

Cd with 60+ edited Photos

Total session duration 3-4 hours

We don’t like to be rushed, so we only book one boudoir session a day, and due to the long preparation and shoot time,

Sessions are only done during the week in the morning – Monday to Friday

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