We have been working hard on some new cake smash photo shoot ideas

I did not know where to start, which ones to try and first and which ones not.  And some of the sets as I started building them I realised I needed some more props to complete the setup so we will be adding some more images soon.

We have more and more of our clients requesting more minimalist setups, or just more neutral, so trying to please everyone we have come up with these setup ideas.

1. Plain Greenery pretoria cake smash photographer

This one can be done with or without flowers. and with just the greenery I think they will be perfect for your little boy turning one.

and the setup can be done without or with fairy lights and we can even include some more fairy lights in the back)

Now for girls you can stick to white or do pink or yellow flowers, like so:

cake smash photo shoot ideas

2. Keeping to the more simple setups I was thinking of doing an all-white studio setup:

pretoria cake smash photographer pretoria east

Naked cakes are kinda the in thing these days, and we find kids sometimes prefer them to the very bright cakes. It is not so “in their face” and they don’t feel anxious being plonked down next to a bright mushy cake that they are supposed to smash

These are also perfect for the little ones that don’t like to get too dirty, as there is not as much decor and the icing on the cake, and they tend to “play” a bit more.

3.  So I found this cute little booth, and I am playing with more  ideas for it:

pretoria cake smash photographer waverley

*Lemonade stand

*Apple stand

*Strawberry- when in season!!

* Oranges

* ice cream stand

*Kisses for sale booth

boy so many more, and you could do them in any colour.

4. Another one I have been working on is these flower rings you see all over, I am not happy with the backdrop I used in these and would do an all white next time

This setup can also be done in

* just greenery

* white flowers

* pink flowers

* yellow flowers

pretoria cake smash photographer

6. I am also working on a little beach setup, once again cute for girl or boy cake smash photo shoots ideas

with this one there is just so many options available

still working on the perfect sand castle cake though 🙂

first birthday cake smash photography

7. We are still finalizing our farmhouse setup, this is a super cool setup for boys and girls, I just need to get some last prop details to complete my set.

8. I am also working on a bumblebee setup. I found the cutesiest outfit for this and will share the photo of the setup as soon as it is done

In the meantime, if you are looking for info our cake smash prices go here

and here if you like to see recent cake smash photo shoots

The hard work is not done, and we should be able to update this post soon with a few more cute cake smash photo shoot ideas soon.

We love to meet you and your little ones turning one soon…

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