Newborn Baby Photos in Pretoria for princess Cara

Cara is the baby sister of Nicolaas.  One of the friendliest baby boys I know.   I recently had the pleasure  of doing Cara’s first proffesional photos in Gauteng.  The studio is in Waverely, Moot area.

Now I also did Nicolaas’s newborn photos when he was a month old or new.  Little charmer visited me a few times during his first year to photograph his milestones.  We ended his first year with a great first birthday cake smash when he turned one.

Now I work with babies everyday and as expected Nicolaas was not to fond being “alone” with his brand new sister.

He did not mind being close when mom and dad was close, but he was a little bit nervous when they were alone.

But that is totally expected with such a small age gap.  It just takes some time for them to get use to one another and since we do the newborn photo shoot with in the first then days.  Mom is usually in hospital for the for the first four day.  So that does not leave a lot of time for siblings to get to know one another.

Daddy and Nicolaas left soon after the family photo part,  leaving mom and me to do our thing.

Cara was such an angel. Am pretty awake baby when they arrived but she left sleepy. Very sleepy.

She was so good I had to make myself stop taking her baby photos.  Baby Cara was just giving me so much variety. Unfortunately that just makes mommy’s work harder when it comes to deciding which photographs to print.

I am pretty sure I am going to see this little princess again soon to share in some precious moments with her.  Time flies and before we know it she will be ready for her six month photo session.

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It has been a busy week, I will be sharing quite a few sessions – Newborn Baby Photography in Pretoria


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