Family Photos in studio – Nicolaas, Yolani, Ralph and Sophia

I can’t remember the year, but I can remember it was the 4th of December when Nicolaas and Yolani tied the knot.  We were their wedding photographers and so our relationship started.

A couple of years later Ralph was born, and he was on our See me grow plan so we saw them every four months.

Yolani changed jobs and we lost touch, but seriously I was so excited when she booked a family session with me with their new family member, baby girl little Sophia.

I could only find Ralph’s third baby photoshoot.

Ralph had turned into a very self-confident little boy and super excited to share his little sister with me but also to explain in detail, all the details of his upcoming birthday party.

Nicolaas and Yolani obviously got the perfect recipe because both their children are so beautiful.

Sophia stole my heart in a second with her blue blue blue eyes.  Oh boy, dad will need to get his shotgun ready sooner than later. She was not in the best of moods, but even

without a smile she photographs beautifully.

Here is a couple of their family photos  If time allows I might even get to share more of the session,

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