Baby Photography

There’s something truly magical about welcoming a newborn into the world with a newborn photoshoot. The innocent slumber, the delicate features, and the overwhelming sense of love that fills the room. It just can’t be described in words. Jenna D Photography recently had the honor of capturing these precious moments. When Mommy Tanya and Daddy Werner visited the newborn studio with their little Carli – the tiniest little princess.

From the moment Carli arrived at the studio, it was clear that she was going to make this newborn photoshoot an absolute dream. She arrived in a state of peaceful slumber that lasted throughout the entire session. Newborns are known for their unpredictability, but Carli was the best baby one could hope for, allowing Jenna D Photography to work her magic without a hitch.

Jenna D

The Pretoria Newborn Photographer, Jenna D, has a remarkable talent for creating a warm and inviting atmosphere in her studio. The calming ambiance helped Carli remain in peaceful slumber throughout her newborn photoshoot, allowing for the most enchanting and heartwarming photographs. Carli was in such a milk coma, she allowed many different outfit changes. We also could change setups with her without a sound or an objection,

Every image captured here tells a unique story of love and the boundless joy that Carli has brought to her parents’ lives. The connection between Mommy Tanya, Daddy Werner, and their precious newborn was beautifully portrayed through Jenna’s lens, making this photoshoot an unforgettable experience for everyone involved.

Thank you

Thank you, Mommy Tanya,Daddy Werner, and sweet newborn baby Carli, for allowing us to be a part of this extraordinary journey and for letting us capture these priceless moments. Your family’s love and the serenity of your precious baby girl are now forever etched in the stunning photographs created by Jenna D Photography.

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