Sharing Oliver’s third photoshoot – baby photographer in Waverley Pretoria

I just love when Oliver comes for a visit at my Waverley photo studio. He is truly one of the friendliest babies I get to work with. And I am always excited when it is time for one of

his photoshoots. Babies like Oliver is the reason I love my work so much and makes me proud to say I am a baby photographer in Waverley Pretoria

After every session I joke to Mom, asking her to leave him here so that he can show other babies “how it is done”.

Oliver was a couple of weeks old when I got to meet him for the first time, but even during his newborn photoshoot, he was

the perfect little model. Slept on cue.

baby photographer in waverley

Oliver gets to visit every three to four months during his first year. He is on our BABY”S FIRST YEAR *plan, and we get to capture all his milestones.  This was his third session, so

we wanted to capture

Emotion  = check

sit = check

and when possible we want to capture them crawling = check

This little superstar did all of that and more. With a very proud mommy and daddy standing by

Mom and Dad always join in for a couple of Family photos

baby photographer in waverley

And you can see, smiling is definitely in his genes, lol.

Mom has one of the prettiest smiles, and Oliver is not far behind.  Mom and Dad will most definitely have their hands full when Oliver starts dating 😉 But for now let’s look at some of his sitter photos

baby photographer in waverley

baby photographer in waverley

Oliver is always happy, I actually remember with this session as they walked in he was jawing and looked a little bit tired, but honestly, as soon as the shoot started he was all happy and full of playfulness.

I did not even have to pull out “all the stops” to get him into the “mood”.

baby photographer in waverley baby photographer in waverley

Oliver reminds me of the babies you see on Facebook where mommy or daddy says – Boo and they just crack up. And you can’t help yourself you laugh with.

Oliver is just like that.                             “Oliver Boo”

baby photographer in waverley

Oliver is definitely one of my favourite babies for 2019.  Now I don’t want to jinx myself, we still need to do his CAKE SMASH PHOTOS in December, so fingers crossed that I will be able to share another amazing shoot in early December,

If you liked his smile (as much as I did) leave a comment, or share the post – remember Sharing is Caring

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