Yet another memorable newborn photoshoot

As a Newborn baby photographer in Pretoria, I have handled numerous newborn photoshoots, around two two thousand in-fact.

Recently, I got another opportunity to replenish my memories with the Kok Family. In fact, I had the pleasure of doing a newborn photoshoot for Liam’s newborn baby brother Levi.

I enjoyed this shoot so much and received so many cuddles from little Levi during that awesomely memorable newborn photoshoot.


pretoria newborn baby photographer007              pretoria newborn baby photographer007

Levi’s mom and dad are known to me for about 6 years. Ruan (Levi’s dad) and Tanya (Levi’s mom) hired me for a Valentine’s couple photography session

when they were  still dating. Honestly one of the most fun shoot i ever had,  These two are not just amazing people, they are perfect for one another.

Ruan is one of the most loving attentive husbands and daddy and I am always amaze by how he treats Tanya when they visit.

We always joke about the saying “sleeping like a baby” because babies usually don’t sleep that great, but Levi was a super star.

As always we started with family photography session.

Liam was so happy to pose for photos with his little brother. If truth to be told, both the little ones were so adorable when captured in a single frame.

Liam just wanted to share cuddles with Levi.

pretoria newborn baby photographer007                   pretoria newborn baby photographer007

After the family part of the photoshoot, Daddy and Liam left. ( Which I love, then mommy is not stressed an can focus just on baby)

Giving mom and me some time to “play” . My clients always calls this my “dress up time”

We tried various shots with different props . We tried items like baskets, old-fashioned basin, a bucket etc.  Both Ruan and Tanya are very into clean plain minimalist type of mages

and wanted me to capture the shots as natural as possible and I liked it very much too. Levi was such a (sleepy) superstar I had enough time to capture the calm and quite features of Levi.

pretoria newborn baby photographer007

Mommy had to brave the warm newborn studio, but did that willingly.  To keep baby happy, we do need to put on a heater or two, but I always say my aim is to keep baby happy.

Oh my word, this little cutie was just the best newborn model EVER.

pretoria newborn baby photographer007

Loved spending my afternoon with him.

As a professional Newborn baby photographer in Pretoria, I am be thankful to Ruan and Tanya for giving me such wonderful opportunity to engage in that memorable photoshoot, and sharing in their memories yet again

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