First birthday cake smash photoshoot

How cute is this little one?

Reipela turned one and mom decided on a pink an purple cake smash photo shoot for her.


On the day of her birthday she visited the studio with her mom and grandmother.(how awesome that i get to share in this milestone)

We had loads of fun, and Reipela kept us busy.


She enjoyed her cake  VERY MUCH.  She had no problem digging into it. Pink and Purple butterfly smashcake from our awesome baker.

She had no problem getting a bit dirty. And dived right into her birthday cake.

As usual we ended the first birthday cakesmash with a nice warm bubble bath.

first birthday cake smash

She  enjoyed her smash the cake very much. So much so, she actually had the whole cake with her in her bubble bath.

So she ended up with a cake bath off sorts. cake smash photoshoot

Reipela  –    Happy birthday baby girl.


Butterflies are God’s confetti, thrown upon the Earth in celebration of His love 

Love Jenna



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