Outdoor family photography for Ganas twins

Meet little one year old Zavahn and Yuvthi.  They turned one year old and Mom Kashmiri and Daddy Rowen decided to do

an outdoor family photo shoot to celebrate.  Mom and Dad had their hands full with these two.  Yuvthi was a bit more sharing with her smiles, than Zavahn.

Zavahn let us work very hard, but we manage to get at least one smile from the little rascal.

Here is a couple from their photoshoot.

How cute are these?


[pp_gallery id=”30546″ style-id=”df6d57d3-295d-48ca-9f10-bf3e04108b7b”] 

To book your family session, visit our contact page.  Sessions is either indoors in the studio Monday to Saturday, and since I can manage the light, we work all day

Outdoor photo shoots are only done early morning or late afternoon.

Here is a cute indoor photo shoot

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