What a awesome first birthday cake smash photo shoot!

Shaun Mhlanga is one of the friendliest little one year old I have the privilege of knowing.  This little champ visited our photo studio for his first birthday pic’s.

He smiled from the get go. Boy oh boy, such a friendly, very much loved, little peanut.


I always try to get just a couple of family photos. And if baby is still okay I will proceed to do some individual images of just baby.  This doesn’t always happen. Sometimes these little munchkins arrive tired. Already irritated or they are just not having a good day (like we all have our bad days).  But Shaun exceeded my expectations. He gave me so many smiles I just could not stop.

He smiles did not stopped when we got to the cake smash part, nope he stayed in a happy mood and gave us some awesome photographs.

Something mom and dad will cherish forever.


First birthday smash and splash shoots don’t always go as planned – or as mommy and daddy had envisioned.  Sometimes one look at the colorful cake could send a one year old to tears.  Another reason could be if they touched the cake and they are not used to getting dirty, boy then the tears can really flow.  But not with Shaun. He had no problem with the colorful setup.

[pp_gallery id=”31967″ style-id=”df6d57d3-295d-48ca-9f10-bf3e04108b7b”] 

He loved  his little prince themed birthday cake, and he truly had a royal time (pun intended) right to the end of his hot bubble bath.


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We do our smash and splash photo shoots Monday to Saturday, we are not open on Sundays or public holidays

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