Hey Beautiful Mama-to-Be!

Ready to turn your radiant baby bump into a work of art? We’re here to capture the magic of your journey with our enchanting maternity photoshoots!

When to Book: We recommend scheduling your maternity photoshoot between 28 to 34/35 weeks. This sweet spot ensures your baby bump is beautifully showcased without making you feel like you’re lugging around a watermelon. It’s the perfect balance of showing off that glow while keeping you comfortable and free to move!

Maternity Workout? Absolutely: Maternity photoshoots are a workout of their own, celebrating the strength, beauty, and anticipation of motherhood. Our Lovely air-conditioned studio provides the ideal setting for your session, allowing you to strike those stunning poses while staying cool and comfortable. It’s your time to shine, mama!

Cool Comfort in our Studio: Let’s face it – South African weather can be unpredictable, and we want you to feel relaxed and pampered during your photoshoot. That’s why we’ve created a lovely, air-conditioned studio where you can enjoy every moment of your maternity session without breaking a sweat.

Ready to create timeless memories of this beautiful chapter in your life? Book your maternity photoshoot now, and let’s capture the glow together! Drop us a message, and let the maternity magic begin.

Mini maternity

R1 800

  • Only Mommy and Daddy
  • 10 Digital Images
  • You may use 1 of our studio dresses and
  • 1 creative fabric or lace dress.
  • We supply the fabric and dresses
  • The session is in our Pta studio
maternity full
R2 650
  • 1 Hour appointment
  • 20 Digital Images
  • 2 Dresses and 1 creative fabric/lace dress.
  • Dad and/kids included in this shoot.
    • Adding another family member sibling etc
    • @ R100 extra person**
    • add a 3rd dress rental for R300

maternity exclusive

R3 250

  • 1 Hour appointment
  • 35 Digital Images
  • 3 Dresses, 1 creative fabric and
  • a lace dress.
  • Dad and/kids included in this shoot.
    • Adding another family member sibling etc @ R100 extra person**
    • add a 4th dress rental for R300

When was the last time you updated your family photos? With the pitter-patter of tiny feet on the horizon, now is the perfect time to plan a photoshoot that will melt hearts and capture memories to last a lifetime.

Might I suggest a magical newborn photoshoot between 3-18 days after your little bundle arrives? These early days are a precious blur, and we want to freeze those tiny toes and sweet baby yawns in time.

Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, let’s plan a full-on family photoshoot when your baby hits the six-month mark. Picture this: adorable babysitting, infectious smiles, and maybe even some sweet baby crawling action. It’s a momentous milestone, and we want to celebrate it with a photoshoot that reflects the joy of your growing family.

Life moves fast, but your memories can last forever in a photograph. Let’s chat about planning the perfect photoshoot to capture your unique family story. Drop me a message, and let’s make some magic happen – Jenna your Pretoria Photographer