newborn photos for a one month old baby Teagan Leah – yes it can be done

Newborn photos for Teagan Leah

When mommy booked their photoshoot she said that Teagan Leah was a month old already.  Now out of experience I know, most newborn photographers would just say no

and refer them to someone else, but I do like a challenge.

When a baby is more than ten days old, the sessions usually gets “harder” baby is more awake and alert. And it does take a little bit longer to get them to sleep. And a session can easily change from 2 hours to 4 hours.

Was I worried?  Nope, But now I know if you just keep going long enough they will fall asleep.

So I started with their family photos, which was so funny, Daddy and mommy is not fond of the camera, and as they kept on saying they just feel awkward

But again I have worked with so many clients that hate the camera – myself included that I just now what to do.

And with them being so photogenic I was not going to take no for an answer, I had to get some family photos.

Teagan Leas was wide awake during the family photo part, but after a good feed and wrapping her up, she fell asleep but as expected she was a light sleeper and it got some

hard work but I got some great images. Mom was quite happy getting sleepy and some wide awake images.

Mommy asked for a teapot photo, and that was the only one I was really worried about, because if they don’t sleep I can’t try it, But she did surprise me and she went right to sleep.
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And to end the session how cute is her little brother Ethan James? This 5 year old boy was so good and protective over his sister. I had to explain everything I did with his sister

and why I did it.  He can’t wait for her to be able to kick ball with him 🙂 He is the cutest big brother ever!

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