Newborn photography studio Waverley Pretoria

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I love my job.  Getting to photograph newborn babies nearly every single day, what a blessing.

Some shoot is much easier than others, Like Olivia’s newborn baby photos.  Seven days new, and still very very sleepy and curly.

Grandma bought this awesome flower crown for the shoot, but she was still a little tiny and I had to work it a bit to fit it on her small head.

Mommy told me that they tried newborn photos with Ethan when he was born, but at that stage, they were living in Cape Town and could not get

an experienced newborn photographer for his shoot.  She has always been a bit disappointed with not getting this type of photos.

Well this time around, we got some amazing photos for you.  And I am sure Olivia will be just as gorgeous as mommy one day.

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