Another shoot for WC in my excited photography studio 

WC has been back to the studio for his third photography studio session – He is on the “see me grow” program. He is currently on the sitter stage – between 6 and 9 months.

Love this stage, they can sit, have loads of personality but can’t crawl yet.

This little boy is getting cuter and cuter every session.  And he is always happy and friendly.  I love having him and his beautiful family here.  They always make my”work” so easy.

They usually booked an early morning studio session, since they live close by, and I love having a Great start to my day.

I always start with family photos and some of him and his big brother PJ and even had some time for some Christmas photos.

I am always very excited when it is time for their next shoot, and can’t wait for the last one when we will do his cake smash photo shoot.

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