Newborn photoshoot for Tshedza

At Jenna D Photography, the Pretoria newborn photographer, each newborn session is a journey. A wonderful journey into the delicate world of tiny fingers, soft coos, and the unmistakable magic of new life. Recently, we had the joy of capturing the essence of newborn Tshedza. She is a precious baby girl who graced our studio at just 2.8kg.

Wrapped in the softest blankets and cradled in the gentlest arms. Tshedza’s arrival was met with awe and tenderness. Her shoot, adorned in shades of pink and white, transformed our studio into a haven of warmth and love. I loved every second.

The camera clicked, and we were enchanted by the simplicity and beauty that Tshedza brought to each frame. The soft hues of pink and white created a serene backdrop, allowing her tiny features to stand out in every photograph. The delicate bows and dainty accessories added a touch of sweetness to the images, reflecting the pure innocence of this little one.

Despite her small size, Tshedza radiated strength and grace. The tender moments captured during the shoot highlighted the love and connection between Tshedza and her family.

Each photograph tells a story. A story of new beginnings and shared joy. Also yes, the unspoken bond that only a newborn can bring.


Newborn photography is a delicate art, and Tshedza’s session was a celebration of life’s fragility and resilience. Every detail, from the curve of her tiny fingers to the softness of her newborn skin, was captured to create timeless memories for her family.

To Tshedza’s family, thank you for allowing us to be a part of this precious chapter in your lives. We hope these photographs serve as a lasting reminder of the incredible journey that has just begun. May she bring years of joy to your lives.

If you’re expecting a new addition to your family or simply want to capture the beauty of your growing tribe, Jenna D Photography is here to turn those moments into treasured memories. Contact us today and let us create a visual story that will last a lifetime.

The studio caters for newborns. From as little as 3 days new.

Jenna D Photography Pretoria Newborn Photographer. Capturing the Beauty of New Beginnings, One Click at a Time.

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