Willem’s smash the cake photo shoot

This is the gorgeous little Willem and his parents, they brought Willem by the studio to celebrate his first birthday. a Little less than a year ago I had the privilege to photograph
this handsome little man’s newborn photo shoot.

He is such an adorable young man and ready to try anything.

Willem had no problem with being the model for the family session, as long as there was something to entertain his inquisitive young mind you had no problem getting smiles.
Willem is also a keen walker already and had me very alert to snap it all.

By the look of it he could be the very next big thing when you talk about farming, he loves his farm tractor and trailer and also had no problem with the farmer hat.

But let us get to the serious about the part of smashing a cake, this is why we are here is it not? Mommy baked it herself “or grandma” cud-dos to them it was absolutely cute and

a favorite for their little man

Willem had no problem at all with literally diving into the cake, he loved the texture, he loved the taste he just loved it all.

He was just about covered from tummy to toe in the cake and smiling about this fun day.

The smash the cake photo shoot was ended off on a high note with a warm bubble bath.
Yes, we know boys love playing in the water and playing with bubbles.

And is usually where the tears come out, when they have to get OUT of the bubble bath,


Another cake smash done and dusted  xxx

Brenda, I hope you guys had just as good a time as we did in the studio, and Willem thank you for making our day special with your bright smile.

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