Love to share this Boudoir shoot we did for Ilana


Ilana decided to do a boudoir shoot just before her wedding.  She was gifting the boudoir album to her groom to be, on their wedding day.

What an awesome wedding gift.

Ilana spent half a day with us in the studio, her morning started with hair and makeup with our very talented makeup artist Lizelle from Lizelle Lombard make-up.


Ilana is a bit on the shy side, or actually to be very truthful, she is extremely shy.


But using the make-up and hair time to get to know one another she was very relaxed when we eventually started with her shoot.


Our beauty and boudoir shoots are anything from two to four hours.

We usually start with a more casual look, and Ilana brought one of her fiancé’s shirts for this.

We slowly work our way to the more “naked” photos, but I always tell my clients we can do sexy without being naked.  You just need to bring what you feel comfortable in.

I love to end my sessions with a between the sheets look.  I have a queen size bed in the studio

This is my favourite part of the boudoir shoot.  My clients are usually very relaxed by this time and are s

o comfortable with the environment that I usually get the best photos from this set.

And with Ilana, it was no different, very shy in the beginning but at the end, this girl was rocking her shoot. She is such an amazing human, I enjoyed every second we got to work together.


I love the way her album came together.  Here is a couple of pages of her coffee table album she got.

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