Calem’s 1st birthday cake smash

When you think about a 1st birthday cake smash or just the mere word smashing a cake it can bring some innovative ideas to mind. But when you turn only just one year old it could mean something very different.

Cake smash is very much one of the things to do these days when your little loved one celebrates the BIG one. Of course there are many other options and shots required prior to the smashing part.  And hopefully usaully by the time we get there all nerves are settled and we have a very energetic young boy.

At first it looked like we were not going to be that lucky to get Calem interested in the cake but after a taste it all changed.

Who needs any tools to eat with? hands are just there to get dirty I’ll dive right in thank you.

Calem did enjoy the cake after all, not totally smashing it as we had hoped he would but better something than nothing.

To round it all off it sounded like a good idea to have a little boy’s bubble bath.   I mean who can resist a nice warm bath and lots of bubbles to play with. There are not many who will pass this one, water is just too attractive.

This obviously also help to get most of the cake off of the little bodies.

Calem then decided that this bath is getting boring with most of the bubbles disappearing from the bath with all the splashing and commotion. So he just got out and entertained himself and us right there on the floor. Mom this is what we boys love doing most, getting dirty all over and of course playing in the water.

Thank you guys for bringing this little guy into our studio we had a great time shooting memories.


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