Newborn Photography

Oh my word, only a couple of days new, little Elmie visited the studio for her newborn photography photo shoot. Mom, Dad and big sis – Amelie joined in the fun.

It was such an easy photo shoot as Elmie slept almost right through.

Amelie is only five, but she did a marvelous job holding and cuddling Elmie.

Here is just a quick introduction to the world, I will share more of her newborn photo shoot, once

I get to edit their session.


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How to book a session:

call the studio at 082 551 6117

I do prefer babies between 4 and 14 days, but hey life happens, and I get it.

SO if you can only come after 3 or 4 weeks no problem we will still assist you with a


So give a shout and we will discuss your shoot

here are some more of our  newborn photography work

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