Pretoria photography – newborn baby Oratile.

Oratile was the perfect little client. Only a couple of days new and such a super model.  Oh my word so much goodness in one little baby.  This little girl stole my heart.  She was just playing her part so well, and I had an awesome time photographing her.  It is not often that babies are awake, well not in my studio, but we were blessed with some open eye images and loads of sleepy baby images.

I was a bit worried before they arrived, they had to travel quite a bit to get to my pretoria studio. I was a bit concerned that she would sleep all the way in the car and then not here.  But nope, she was super awesome.

Today I am the happiest baby photographer in Pretoria.  Well I will be  untill the next baby arrives for their photo shoot.

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