So you are officially engaged and having the time of your life, right? Would it shock you if I told you that while this season is supposed to be one of the happiest times of your life many brides to be are running back and forth getting their dream wedding together. This season of being engaged is filled with way more to-do lists than holding hands and kissing…

Many of us aren’t natural planners and all the big and small details can leave us feeling overwhelmed and under an enormous amount of pressure to plan our perfect, dream wedding. Does this sound familiar? Well then it’s time for you to set up a bucket list for two! Why? Because you are only engaged once so you need to make time to enjoy it and seize every moment!

The bucket list challenge: Complete and tick off these 5 items before you get married… And remember to take many photos! All moments are captured in your memory but over time will fade… Photos never fade and those moments captured on camera will become cherished memories!

Bucket list item #1:

Have a picnic on the back of a bakkie! (a bakkie might not be everyone’s style but don’t knock it until you haven’t tried it!) Get a few snacks together and go to your closest nature reserve or picnic spot. Make sure the back of the bakkie is super comfy with blankets and pillows… Take this time to cuddle but also share with your fiancé what you are looking forward to the most when it comes to the wedding and what is making you feel overwhelmed. Sharing your heart and your thoughts with your fiancé, especially those overwhelming once, will ease the tension and anxiety the wedding planning can cause… Remember to take a photo/selfie of the two of you at the back of the bakkie!

(Bucket list hack: If you don’t have a bakkie or if there is no nature reserve or picnic spot close by you can have a picnic under the stars in your very own garden!)

Bucket list item #2:

Take a breather! In the midst of the wedding planning chaos take a day off! Might seem easy now but once the wedding planning chaos kicks in this can be challenging. Use this day to enjoy each other’s company, have a movie day, go to a spa… Whatever you decide on the goal is to do as little as possible.

On your “off day” take silly photos with your fiancé… There are many filters and apps that will keep you busy and laughing for a long time. It’s sometimes these silly moments captured in photos that will keep you smiling for years to come

(Bucket list hack: Save this silly photo shoot on your hard drive/Google Drive/iCloud. We’ve seen too many couples lose precious memories because they didn’t back it up)

Bucket list item #3:

First date version 2.0! Go on your first date with your fiancé again! If possible go to the exact same place where you had your first date. This will give you butterflies all over again and get you excited about stepping into marriage!

Take a photo together and compare it to the actual photo you took on your first date… Reflect on your journey as a couple as you look at the similarities and differences in these two photos. That is the power of a photo… it helps you too look back, remember the good, reminds you of the lessons you learned on your journey and also excites you for the future to come!

(Bucket list hack: Recreate your first date every few years and remember to take a photo… This will be a great reflection of your journey as a couple and how you grew closer together in your marriage)

Bucket list item #4:

A couples shoot! The best way to remember a moment is to capture it. Take many photos during this season of your life! Once you look back you wished you had more “captured moments”. Book a couples shoot. Make this a fun shoot! Be silly. Laugh a lot and steal a kiss as often as possible

(Bucket list hack: Combine item #3 & #4 and have your couples shoot at the place where you had your first date.)

Each couple’s love story is unique so make sure you get a photographer that can capture the essence of who you are as a couple. Your style and the photographer’s style should match!

We can help you tick off this item sooner than you think…

Bucket list item #5:

What is a bucket list without something a little bit daring? Do something that scares you and get the adrenaline pumping! Maybe a visit to the nearest amusement park? Or if you want to go all out book that skydive session? A quad bike session for two or zip lining is just as fun! After doing something scary like this those wedding planning tasks you were dreading won’t seem so scary any more! This bucket list item should be paired with many action photos… or even better a few videos!

Every girl dreams of the perfect wedding. And every woman who has planned that “perfect wedding” knows that planning a dream wedding takes a lot of energy, tears, a helping hand from a friend or family member and sometimes leaves you feeling overwhelmed and even depressed… Remember planning a wedding is important but enjoying your time as an engaged couple and seizing the moment will make this ride worthwhile!

Remember every wedding detail you are stressing about now will fall away as soon as your special day arrives and you get to marry the man of your dreams… Every one of these bucket list items are opportunities for you to create special moments with your fiancé! They are cherished memories ready to be made… Go and seize them!