Elmie – newborn photography in Pretoria

Newborn Photography

Oh my word, only a couple of days new, little Elmie visited the studio for her newborn photography photo shoot. Mom, Dad and big sis – Amelie joined in the fun.

It was such an easy photo shoot as Elmie slept almost right through.

Amelie is only five, but she did a marvelous job holding and cuddling Elmie.

Here is just a quick introduction to the world, I will share more of her newborn photo shoot, once

I get to edit their session.


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I do prefer babies between 4 and 14 days, but hey live happens, and I get it.

SO if you can only come after 3 or 4 weeks no problem we will still assist you with a


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    cake smash photo shoot batman for – Phenyo

    cake smash photo shoot for Phenyo – Batman

    How cute was little Phenyo?  Oh my word. I had so much fun doing his cake smash photo shoot.

    Mom Onnica, found his adorable batman outfit and we planned his cake smash photo shoot around it.

    cake smash photo shoot

    We started with some family photos.  Mom and Phenyo, Dad and Phenyo and the three of them together.

    What an adorable family

    Phenyo is a serious little man. Yes as you can gather from his photo shoot, not a very smiley fellow.

    And also this little man was not into getting dirty.  Nope he would much rather eat his delicious batman cake than play with it.

    (well I kinda also prefer to eat my cake also, especially if it tates as good as the ones we get from our awesome baker)



    He did enjoy his bubble bath at the end, and we got some really cute photos of this one year old.

    cake smash photo shoot

    How to book

    We can assist during the week, so if you want to do cake smash on baby’s birthday let us know.

    Here is our cake smash and bubble bath packages


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      Cake smash photography – Ogalaletseng

      Cake smash photography

      What a handsome little boy: Ogalaletseng just turned one and we celebrated his birthday with him doing one of my favorite shoots – cake smash photography.

      Mom picked the “cat in the hat” theme and even got him the cutest matching outfit.

      The blue and red worked well together. Our baker did an amazing job as always.  She just always gets it spot on.

      Here is a quick few of their family photoshoot first

      cake smash photography

      I just adored working with this little man. Big brown eyes and a smile to melt any ones heart.

      cake smash photography


      and then the cake smash and bubble bath.cake smash photography


      book your one year cake smash photo shoot now, our packages

      book now by e-mailing our studio at


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        Cake smash photography for Elijah.

        Cake smash photographer

        Elijah turned one and this big boy visited me early the same morning  in the studio to do his first birthday cake smash photography.


        Oh, my word Elijah was just too friendly and so playful, I had loads of fun.


        Mommy requested a blue, red and white cake smash photo shoot.

        Love the cake we got from our baker, she really impresses every single time. I can just about ask her for anything and she manages to hit it spot on.


        Cake smash photos shoots are getting more and more popular, we can assist you Monday to Saturday

        with a session.   You can get hold of us here – 082 551 6117, or hop over to our contact page

        Hope to see you soon at our pretoria studio  – Jenna

        cake smash photo shoot


        Declan cutest baby ever – newborn photographer

        Newborn Photography

        Being a newborn photographer is the one part of my job I will never get tired of.  Only a couple of years back I met Charlene for the first time doing her first maternity photo shoot when she was expecting Fleur.  How awesome to now be able to photograph Fleur’s brother Declan.

        Declan was such a little trooper and really spoiled me for choice when I had to pick my favourites from his newborn photo shoot.  Fleur was just the best “big sister” ever.  She was so attentive and caring.  Through the shoot, she was constantly making sure her brother was okay.

        I am really in my element when baby gets to the studio within the first ten days. Not only is it easy for me doing the newborn shoot, but it is also easy on baby, they tend to sleep almost right through.

        newborn photo shoot {Pretoria newborn photography)

        Declan’s photo shoot

        newborn photographernewborn photographernewborn photographerBook your newborn session

        Want to book for your newborn session?  call me now 082 551 6117, we would love to have you in the studio within the first ten days after baby’s birth

        – Pretoria newborn photography,


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