Newborn baby photoshoots are like unwritten diaries; they capture the beginning of a story that’s just starting to unfold. And at Jenna D Photography, we’re all about writing that first chapter with images that’ll make you go “Aww!” faster than you can say “baby burrito.”

For those not in the know, a baby photoshoot in Pretoria is like a rite of passage for every new munchkin in town. It’s where memories are made tangible and where you realize just how small those little fingers are as they grip onto yours.

As we tiptoed around the serene sleeping beauty, every shot we took of Galaletsang was a mix of art and adoration. Wrapped up in cozy blankets, wearing the cutest of headbands, and snuggled in baskets, she was the picture-perfect baby model. And let’s be honest, she probably slept through most of it which, in baby world, is a sign of a true professional.

Mommy Dudu and Daddy Michael watched on, their eyes brimming with pride and maybe a hint of sleep deprivation – but who could tell? They were in a bubble of joy, and nothing else mattered. Our studio was filled with soft whispers, the click of the camera, and the occasional cooing from our tiniest guest of honor.

Let’s not forget the elephant in the room – well, not an actual elephant, because that would be a squishy situation for our 3kg leading lady. But the metaphorical elephant is the question on every parent’s mind: “When is the best time for a newborn baby photoshoot?” The answer, dear friends, is simple. Like the stealthy moves of a cat burglar, the best time to capture those serene baby portraits is within the first two weeks. That’s when they’re most sleepy and, let’s face it, extra pliable for those adorable posed shots.

So, whether you’re a proud parent or a gushing grandparent, remember, these moments are fleeting. Like a ninja in socks on a slippery floor, babyhood slips by before you know it. A baby photoshoot is your secret weapon to freeze time – or at least to capture it in a frame.

If you have a newborn or expecting one, book your appointment with Jenna D Photography for lasting memories.

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