Little Mr A’s newborn photoshoot

Bonolo and Gaolekwe were so stoked for their newborn photoshoot when they arrived.

newborn baby photo shoot in pretoria Little Mr A's newborn photo shoot, what a handsome baby

Little A’s mother Bonolo is so photogenic and I am sure that the specific gene was carried over to her baby boy. Okay looking a the photos now, Dad is just as great on that side of the camera, don’t you think?

As always I love to start with the family part of my newborn shoot. My studio is the perfect temperature for a naked baby, but make-up tends to melt off, so trying to do the family at the end will not work.

Mommy and Daddy were clearly loved with their little prince, and it was visible in all our photos

Newborn baby photo shoot Newborn baby photo shoot Newborn baby photo shoot

This little guy had the cutest little hands and feet, they were screaming to be photographed, and so I did.

Newborn baby photo shoot Newborn baby photo shoot

As I started with his baby portraits , this little one opened his eyes and decided to have a little chat with me.  He was just too cute, still pretty new.  He reacted so cute and full of smiles when I spoke to him..

[pp_gallery id=”31930″ style-id=”df6d57d3-295d-48ca-9f10-bf3e04108b7b”]It did take some convincing after our chat session, to get this little boy asleep, but once he did, the rest of his photoshoot was smooth sailing. How good did he do?

[pp_gallery id=”31939″ style-id=”df6d57d3-295d-48ca-9f10-bf3e04108b7b”]

I think he did an amazing job.  He was a super star, and really deserved a little treat at the end of his first newborn photoshoot.  I am Looking forward to seeing this little one for  his first birthday cake smash photoshoot in a years time.

In the meantime if you want to see more of our newborn work – go here – NEWBORN BABY PHOTOGRAPHY

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