family photoshoot for the Allnutt family

This family is very close to my heart. I met them when little PJ was just a couple of weeks new, and our journey started.

Vincent and Yovandi did a “see me grow” for little PJ, and I saw them every four months that first year for their family photoshoot

Pj was such a handsome little man, and some of my favourite photos come from their photoshoots that first year.

Mom had some awesome ideas for their photoshoots.

I was beyond excited when Yovandi told me that she is pregnant again.

Now WC has been here a couple of months ago for his newborn photoshoot, now they came back for his four-month photoshoot.

This little rascal was just so cool. Dad said to me you won’t need to try to hard to get WC to smile, and he was right

Just the littlest effort from me and he was laughing like crazy.

This little laughing blond boy is still going to steal a lot of hearts.

Now PJ is just the ultimate big brother, oh my word, he has so much time for WC.

He is really a great big brother.

Looking forward to WC’s eight-month photoshoot.

I am sure Mommy is already planning…

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