At this studio, we do loads of cake smash photography sessions. Usually at least one a day.

I just have to share one of our recent cake smash photoshoots.  This was Liam and his blue monster cake.

The shoot started off a bit bumpy, with Liam actually in the mood for a nap, and not really for taking photos.

But after some convincing, this little blond boy got all excited over his blue monster cake.

He had loads of fun and did not want to let go of his cake.  Even when he was in the bubble bath,

he reached out and grabbed a huge piece of cake, and enjoyed it in between the bubbles.

He visited the studio early Saturday and right after went to his first birthday party. So much fun and cake for one boy and all on one day.

A big party mommy told me, and with all the sugar he had, I am sure he did enjoy his first birthday party very much.

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To be honest most – I would say about 80% – of our smash and splash sessions start with a shy birthday boy or girl.  And

we really have to work hard to get them to relax and play with us.

That is why we usually start with the family photos, just to get them to relax and happy and then as soon as they are full

of giggles and laughter, we bring out the cake.

Now keep in mind some babies have never had sugar before their session, some babies have never even gotten really dirty,

and that is usually not good.  It does take them much longer to get used to the idea of stuffing their faces with sugar and to get very dirty.

I have found babies that have been introduced to sugar before their session and

second or third born children usually do much better.  The sugar is not that overwhelming to them.  (so keep that in mind if you

are planning to book a cake smash photoshoot)

Till next time

Jenna D


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