Monster Theme Cake Smash Photo Shoot

Happy Birthday, Kagiso!

Kagiso got to spend his first birthday with me.  And he got to do a cake smash photo shoot.   Now one year old are not always happy or friendly.  For some reason, they always seem to be teething around their birthday.  But not Kagiso, nope he was just one happy birthday boy.

Kagiso was smiling and talking to me, enjoying himself and just having the best time ever. (check out some of his bubble bath photos below 😉 )

Kagiso is so in love with his mommy, oh my word, you can just see his eyes light up when she speaks to him.  Now like I just said, it is not every day that we get just smiles, yes I kid you not, sometimes babies are just not into smashing cakes and getting dirty, so when we do get loads of smiles, I tend to overshoot completely. So it was no surprise to me when I ended up with more than a hundred photos of Kagiso and his monster birthday cake.

Getting to the cake, Mommy booked a themed cake smash but she left us with coming up with a theme.

I have been wanting to do a monster cake smash like forever, so I was so thrilled with the cake I got from our talented baker

It was just a perfectly happy little blue monster cake, perfect just like Kagiso.

This little peanut is welcome to come back to my studio at any time, whether it is for a smash and plash shoot, or just sharing some cuddles xxx

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