Capturing Love and Coral Dreams: Lerato’s Unforgettable Newborn Photoshoot with Jenna D Photography”


In the heart of Pretoria, where moments become memories, Jenna D Photography recently had the pleasure of welcoming the adorable Lerato and her newest addition to the family. Lerato, a proud mom who traveled all the way from Johannesburg, had a special request for something different than the traditional pink for her newborn’s photo shoot. Enter coral, a hue that stole hearts and set the stage for a photoshoot filled with love, warmth, and the joy of new beginnings.

A Splash of Coral:

Breaking away from convention, Lerato opted for the enchanting coral palette for her newborn’s photo shoot. A choice that not only added a unique touch to the images but also mirrored the vibrancy and warmth that characterize the early days of motherhood. Coral, a hue often associated with passion and vitality, became the backdrop for a series of photographs that captured the essence of Lerato’s love for her newest bundle of joy.

Cherished Moments in Coral:

As Jenna D Photography delicately captured each fleeting moment, Lerato’s love for her baby shone through in every frame. The gentle cradling, the whispered lullabies, and the tender gazes became timeless snapshots of the unspoken bond between a mother and her child. From intimate close-ups to heartwarming family portraits, Lerato’s newborn photoshoot was a symphony of love and coral dreams.

A Journey of Trust:

Lerato, having trusted Jenna D Photography for the second time, showcased not only the photographer’s skill but also the trust that had been built over the years. Having previously documented Lerato’s firstborn’s newborn photo shoot, Jenna D Photography once again became a part of Lerato’s journey, capturing the unfolding chapters of her growing family.

The Proud Big Brother:

A few years may have passed since Jenna D Photography first photographed Lerato’s family, but some things remain unchanged. Lerato’s firstborn, now a proud big brother, was a charming presence in the photoshoot. His pride and excitement were palpable, creating endearing moments that celebrated the beautiful connection between siblings.

A Sneak Peek into the Coral Paradise:

Here’s a quick glimpse into the coral paradise that unfolded during Lerato’s recent newborn photo shoot:

[Insert a few newborn photos here]


Lerato’s newborn photo shoot with Jenna D Photography was not just a session; it was a celebration of love, trust, and the beauty of unique choices. If you’re seeking a photographer who understands the essence of your family’s story and can turn moments into timeless memories, Jenna D Photography is your trusted partner.

Contact Jenna D Photography today and embark on a journey of capturing the extraordinary in the ordinary, because with Jenna, every click of the shutter is a celebration of life, love, and the magic of family.

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